Define control chart type

In this step, you define the control chart types.

For each control chart type , you define the requirements based on the control indicators and sampling procedures used in the inspection characteristic.
In a second step, define the control chart tracks. For each track , determine which control variable is used and how the warning limits or action limits are calculated.

Standard settings

A number of common control charts have already been defined in the standard system. Appropriate control indicators and parameters have been set for these control charts, so the system can calculate the control limits.

The table has the delivery class G. The following name range is reserved for the user:


Refer to the online documentation for the corresponding function modules for information on:

Define the characteristics, for which control charts will be maintained, as master inspection characteristics . In the long text for the characteristics (or in an inspection method assigned to the master inspection characteristic) describe how the user must proceed (in particular, you should specify the sampling procedure, parameter set-up and initial run).


1. Determine which types of control charts will be used in your company.
2. For purposes of retrieving data, define appropriate control indicators for the control chart type.
This control must be compatible with the control for the inspection characteristics and the sampling procedure being used.
3. Define the function modules and parameters according to which the system will calculate the warning limits and action limits. Also plan the initial run.

Further notes

The system can display examples of the control charts, so you can check the format in which they are displayed.