Define task list usages

In this step, you define your task list usages .

Within a task list group, you can create different task list types with different usages. For example, you can distinguish among the following usages: model inspections, goods receipt inspections, inspections for goods returned from a customer, product audits and goods issue inspections. With the task list usage, the system can find an appropriate task list for a certain inspection type.

For each task list usage, you also define appropriate
dyn. modification criteria to update the quality level . The dynamic modification criteria defined in the task list usage only serve as default values for the dynamic modification criteria in the task list.


1. Define the usages for which you intend to use your own inspection plans, and for which your own criteria should be suggested for updating the quality level. Define the usages on the basis of the inspection types that are commonly used in your company.
2. For each task area, define the appropriate criteria that will be used to update the quality level.
3. Maintain your task list usages.

Additional Information

The table of task list usages is also used for other task list types.

Do not confuse the task list usage used within this text with the following terms: