Define task list status

In this step, you define the Status that is used in the logistical task lists (inspection plan, reference operation set, routing, ...)

The status controls the following functions in the QM application component:


Retain the standard settings in this table!
Deactivate the function for the consistency check while you are testing the system; reactivate the function when the system is ready to be used productively.

The table of statuses also applies to other task list types (for example, routings). When you maintain this table, be sure to coordinate the activities with all other affected departments!.


Define the task list status.

Additional Information

For each inspection lot origin , you can specify a suitable task list type and task list status.

The task list status is taken into consideration when the task list is selected. It is one of several criteria.
A task list is selected when:

The task list selection is currently programmed in such a way that the first entry found for task list type Q in tables V_TCA43 und V_TCA44 is selected. You do not need to make any additional entries in the selection table or change the existing entries in the standard system. You will not find these tables in the Implementation Guide for this reason. Make sure, however, that the settings in the standard system for the SAP-QM-relevant entries in the task list selection tables are not changed by the other applications!