Define overview variants

In this step, you can create your own

object overviews for an inspection plan. This procedure uses the technique for "variable lists." In the Implementation Guide for Production Planning (Routing -> General data -> Overview variants), you will find a corresponding step for other task list types such as the routing and reference operation set.

For each list that you create, you also create an overview variant. For the overview variant, you must specify:

Standard settings

The standard system contains an overview variant.


To create your own lists, proceed as follows:

1. Create overview variants
This section describes how to create overview variants.
2. Define objects
This section describes how you can define the objects that are to be included in the overview.
3. Define fields
This section describes how to select fields and define the layout for the overview.
4. You can transport your settings by selecting Table view -> Transport.

Further notes

This same technique is used in several places (for example, at the operation level for scheduling overviews). This maintenance procedure is not repeated in the Implementation Guide for the functions that are seldomly used. Nevertheless, you should be familiar with these tools: the allowed fields in the overviews are predefined in the system (transaction CNVL); the fields displayed in the overviews are stored in the view V_TCNVL.