Maintain profiles for default values

In this step, you can maintain profiles for the default values in inspection plans.

When you maintain the inspection plans, the SAP System makes it easier for you to enter data in the following ways:

When you maintain an inspection plan, you can enter a profile identifier. The values in this profile are proposed when you create a new inspection plan or plan object (header, operation, characteristic). You can retain or overwrite this data.

The default values stored in the material master or work center master have priority over the values in the profile.

Profiles with default values are available for the following levels:


1. Identify the fields in the inspection plan for which you can (and should) store default values in profiles.
2. If necessary, define several different profiles and specify when these profiles should be used. Define the nomenclature for a mnemonic profile short text.
3. Maintain the default values for the general management of inspection plans.
4. Maintain the default values for the management of inspection characteristics.