Inspection Planning

In this chapter, you implement the functions for inspection planning using the SAP-QM module.

Although these implementation steps are described for task list type Q (inspection plan), they can also be used in the inspection planning activities for other task list types.

The inspection plan uses a variety of other master data in the form of building blocks. The Implementation Guide contains separate chapters that describe how to maintain this data:


Since the inspection plan is integrated in the routing, you should coordinate the implementation activities for the inspection plans with those of the routings. If you intend to implement both the SAP-QM and SAP-PP modules, coordinate the corresponding Customizing activities.


1. Plan the conversion of old inspection plans to SAP-QM inspection plans.
a) Compare the inspection plan structures typically used in your company with those contained in the SAP-QM application.
b) Determine whether an automatic conversion of existing data to SAP master data is technically possible and feasible.
c) Plan and test the conversion.
2. Plan the implementation phases.
a) Identify the critical paths in the structure of the basic data.
For example, consider the path Inspection method -> Master inspection characteristic -> Reference operation set -> Inspection plan; this data must also be maintained in this sequence.
b) Organize the inspection planning functionality into manageable subsections. For example, you can logically organize the information according to the following criteria, depending on the existing structures in your company:
c) Estimate the time and effort, compare the available capacities, identify the critical paths and set the priorities for implementing the inspection plans in the individual application areas.
d) If necessary, define modular stages for expanding the inspection plans. For example, you can initially work with basic inspection plans that you can use globally. You can improve and customize the contents of these plans later, as necessary.
e) Define and carry out the steps that will ensure the availability of a complete set of inspection plans.

Additional Information

The special task list type "Q" (inspection plan) is reserved exclusively for the "Q" (quality inspection) application.
The inspection plan conforms to the structure of the routing to a great extent. In contrast to the routing, the inspection plan:

Other task list types can also contain the structure level of inspection characteristics, if quality inspections will be integrated in the production process. For this reason, the implementation activities for inspection plans and other task list types (routings, rate routings, master recipes) are almost identical. For all task list types except the inspection plan, you can record results for an operation several times by defining inspection points.