Work Center

In this section, you maintain the settings that can be copied from the work center into the operation.

You can assign a work center to operations. This allows you to use a wide range of data from the work center master record in the operation. This data can either be referenced, or used as default values. The data can be used for:

To use the controlling functions of the work center assignment, you must maintain the work center master data. You can find information on the relevant settings in the Production, Basic Data, Work center section.

A basic requirement for costing is that you must assign the work center to a cost center.
Activity types andtariffs must also be defined for this cost center. As a prerequisite you must install the Controlling (CO) application component.

You can find additional information on

the linking of subsystems in the Quality Inspection, Subsystems section.

This section only contains the settings that apply to the use of inspection plans. If you want to carry out inspections during production, refer the instructions on how to make the settings for the work center ( routing data)! There you will find such settings as the setup optimization and wage determination.

The data from the work center can be used in the operation in two ways:


Carefully consider which specifications can be copied from the work center and how they will become effective in the inspection plan. If you change the way these specifications are used after you have maintained a large number of inspection plans, considerable problems may result.