Maintain standard text keys

In this step, you maintain the text keys and standard texts for the description of inspection operations.

In the inspection operations, you can specify standard text keys that reference standard texts. These texts are then displayed as operation texts. Only the long text for the standard text key is displayed and not the 40-character short text for the text key.


Since the standard text keys are treated as master data, they are not transported. You must therefore maintain the standard text keys in the production system.


Standardize the operation texts as much as possible.

Use mnemonic keys for the standard texts.


1. Determine which operation texts can be defined as standard texts and coordinate the definition of these texts with the affected departments.
2. Define the short and long texts for the previously defined keys.
3. Maintain the texts keys and the associated standard texts in the production system.

Additional information

The standard text key can be stored in the work center as a reference value or default value.

The text keys can be used in the following situations: