QM in Production

The settings described in the chapter 'Basic Data' also apply to the quality planning activities in production; otherwise, no other special settings are necessary.

The settings described in the chapters 'Quality Inspection' and 'Quality Notifications' also apply to the quality management activities in production. In particular, refer to section inspection for a production order.

The inspection planning function for routings, rate routings and master recipes allows you to define inspection points. For additional information, refer to the chapter Inspection Planning, Define identification for inspection points .
You can assign partial lots to the quantities of materials associated with certain inspection points (in a ratio of n:1). You can then make usage decisions for the partial lots and trigger automatic follow-up actions with each usage decision. If you manage your material stocks in batches, you can assign the partial lots to batches (in a ratio of n:1).

If you carry out inspections during production on the basis of inspection points, you can not only record the inspection results for an inspection lot, but you can also confirm the actual values for the production order. Make sure you consider the following settings for this purpose:

Depending on the production type and the desired functions, there are several settings that affect the production planning functionality itself. For details, refer to the Implementation Guides for Production and for production planning in the Process Industry.

Make sure you consider the

material status from the MM/PP view , with which you can control the release of certain functions in production. This is stored at plant level in the material master record.Also consider the supplementary Material status from the SD view that controls the release of functions in sales and distribution. This status is defined in Customizing in SD and stored in the material master record for the sales organization.
Determine whether you want to intervene in the release of the production process with the help of the MM/PP status. Coordinate your activities with the production department and assume an active role when the material status is defined.