Define keys for certificate processing

In this step, you define keys that are used to process the quality certificates, based on the certificate type.

The key is stored in the material master at the plant level. Using this key, you can control:

You can describe the certificate type in the short text for each certificate type.

In requests for quotations and purchase orders the system notifies the vendor that a certificate must be submitted.


You will only need this function if there are control keys for QM in procurement which contain the indicator "certificate required."


1. Define appropriate certificate types for the material groups that require certificates.
2. Determine whether the certificates must be presented for each purchase order or for each goods receipt.
3. Determine which message type the system will display, to advise the user of the certificate requirement during goods receipt.

Specifications for certificate checks can be stored in the purchase order info records independently of the certificate processing control function in the QM application component. The extent of these checks is defined in Customizing for the purchase order info records and Certificate types .