Define document types

In this step, you define the document types for the exchange of quality documents with vendors.

Standard settings

Two document types have been defined in the standard system for QM in Procurement:

The settings have been made so that the message function in procurement (for example, the purchase order printout) can process these documents. Although you can check the controls for each document type, you cannot change them. Also, you cannot define any additional document types for QM in procurement.

You can only change the settings relating to the document type, provided that this does not affect the message functions in Procurement. For example, you may want to define a different status sequence from the one contained in the standard system for these documents. To do this, you must temporarily remove the Customizing block on these document types.

Further notes

You can find more information on the document types used in the QM component in the Basic Settings and Environment, Central Functions, Define document types section.

The complete Implementation Guide for the document management system is contained in the chapter Cross-application functions, Document management system.