Login Context


Login information can be entered by the user, retrieved from the service file, or from the global settings in Global.srvc . ITS merges the login information from all these sources and tries to establish a connection to the R/3 system. If the merged login information is incomplete, the ITS prompts the user to enter the missing information in an HTML page.

If the user has entered at least a username and password, a login context is created that comprises all information needed to log in to an R/3 system. This context is shared among all services started from the user’s workstation, so that the user does not have to enter the login information repeatedly: instead, the ITS will use the login information stored in the user context.

The ITS creates a login context only if the user ID and password are entered by the user. No context is created if the needed information can be taken from service files. This is a security precaution to prevent login information from one service file being used to start a different service for which the service file does not make the information available.