Login Context Sharing


Once a login context has been successfully established, it may be shared among all services started from the user’s workstation.

If user U1 starts a service A for the first time, a login context is created. If service B is then started, the user information contained in the previously-created login context is used to establish a connection to the R/3 system.

A user U2 might start service A for the first time on a different workstation. Since the login context is only valid for a specific workstation the login context previously created for user U 1 is not used.

ITS therefore sends a new login page to the user and requests him/her to enter the appropriate login data. If the entered information is complete and a connection to the R/3 system can be successfully established, a login context is created that contains the login information specified by user U2. The login context previously created by user U 1 will not be affected.