Lifetime of the Login Context

A login context is created after the user has specified username and password interactively for the first time, and this information was valid. (It is determined to be valid if a connection can be successfully established to the R/3 system and the R/3 transaction successfully started.) The login context remains alive until both of the following are true:

The login context timeout can be specified in Global.srvc by setting the value ~userTimeout to the number of minutes the login context should be kept in ITS.

After the login context has been destroyed, the user will have to specify login information again, if he/she starts a service for which no login information is stored in its service file.

The user can also manually log off when sending a command ~command=Logoff to the ITS. For example:

When issuing this command, ITS not only destroys the user’s login context, but also disconnects all sessions that were started using the login context.