Displaying, Creating and Maintaining User Master Records

Displaying User Master Records

If you only want to display a user master record, choose Tools ® Administration, User maintenance ® Display users and enter a user name. You can find detailed information on the contents of the tab displayed later in the section below.

Creating and Maintaining User Master Records

You create and maintain user master records as follows:

  1. Choose Tools ® Administration, User maintenance ® Users. This brings you to User maintenance: Initial screen.
  2. If you choose Measurement data you can enter measurement-relevant details. You can find further details about this in the System Measurement Guide - Individual Installation brochure which is available from SAP. This describes the measurement program which enables you to determine the total number of R/3 users and HR master records which have been set up.

  3. Enter an existing user name or create one (by choosing User names ® Create).

The next screen Maintain users contains a series of tab pages for the various categories of user data: Address, Logon data, Fixed values, Task profiles, Authorization profiles and Parameters.

If you are using the SNC interface, the system displays a corresponding tab page.

The following tab pages contain fields that you may want to complete:
Fixed values
Users can change this data and their address data by choosing System ® User profile ® Own data (see Maintaining User Defaults and Options).

The remaining tab pages Address, Logon data, Task profiles and Authorization profiles contain fields that you must complete.

On the Address tab page, you only have to maintain the Surname field. If you want to change the company address, choose Environment ® Maintain company address.

You can find further information on the remaining tab pages in the following sections:

Maintaining Logon Data

Assigning Task Profiles

Assigning Authorization Profiles