Assigning Task Profiles

You assign a task profile to users in Task profiles.

A task profile is generally a list of individual tasks that are assigned to a particular object. The list of tasks defines the purpose, role and/or the activities of an object in the R/3 System.


  1. Assign a task profile to an object by choosing Add.
  2. Select one of the three options in the Selection dialog box:
  3. – Activity group

    – Responsibility

    – Position

    You can find details on these terms in the glossary.

  4. You can use a search request to create a link with the user master record for a period of validity to be specified.
  5. Save the link you have created.

The link is then included as a new object in the table format.

You can delete a line by selecting it and then choosing Delete.

You can post-process the period of validity by clicking on the relevant field in the Valid from or Valid to column and then using the calendar to choose a new date.

Note that you can extend the columns over the separators. For example, you can display the object name in full-length by widening the second column.