Maintaining User Defaults and Options

Both system administrators and individual users can maintain user data.

The system administrator can maintain all data (see Displaying, Creating and Maintaining User Master Records).

Users can maintain the following user data: Defaults, Addresses or Parameters

The following sections summarize the user options which you can define.

Maintaining Own User Data

Users can maintain their own data by choosing System ® User profile ® Own data.

Choose F1 to call Help on the fields. F4 displays the input values that are available.


You can set the following defaults:

A function (menu name) which is automatically started when the user logs on.

The default system language at logon. The user can however choose another language on the logon screen

Information about these default values is available if you choose F1.

User Address

The user address data fields are self-explanatory.

Company addresses can only be maintained by the system administrator (Environment ® Maintain co. address).

A time zone is assigned to each company address. User-specific time zones can overlap company time zones (see Defaults above).


User parameters supply defaults to R/3 fields. If a field is indicated, the system automatically fills in the default value. Depending on the field definition, the entry can also be replaced with a value entered by the user.

The two input fields on the parameter maintenance screen are described briefly below. Further information is available by choosing F1 .