Background Processing Authorizations

The system uses three authorization objects to test access to background processing services and administration.

You can find more details about background processing in the Computing Center Management System documentation. To access this choose Help ® Extended help from the CCMS initial screen.

Background processing tasks and the authorization object used to test access are as follows:

Authorization object: ABAP: Program Run Checks (S_PROGRAM)

Authorization object: Background Processing: NBackground Background User Name (S_BTCH_NAM).

Authorization object: Background Processing: Operations on Background Jobs (S_BTCH_JOB)

Authorization object: Background Processing: Background Administrator (S_BTCH_ADM)

Authorization object: System Authorizations (S_ADMI_FCD, field value PADM)

Authorization object: Background Processing: Background Administrator (S_BTCH_ADM, required for both user and system events).

Background Processing: Administration

A user with background processing administrator privileges has the following special capabilities:

A user without the authorization object Background Processing: Background Administrator can only work with background jobs in the client in which he or she is logged on.