Spool System and TemSe Database Authorizations

The system uses three authorization objects to test access to the spool system and the TemSe (temporary sequential object) database.

If the authorizations field is blank, any user with the required System Administration authorization can execute any operation on the spool request.

If a user or the generating program enters a string, such as department name in the field, then the Spool: Actions check applies. Only users who have the string in their Spool: Actions authorization can access the spool request. They can also only execute the actions defined in this authorization.

Example: Value FIPAYROLL* in a Spool: Actions authorization allows access to all spool requests with the string FIPAYROLL in the authorization field.

By convention, authorization strings begin with the two-letter code of an SAP component. You can choose the rest of the string. In the example, "FI" is the code for the R/3 Finance application, payroll is a freely-selected extension.

An administrator requires authorization for all three authorization objects.

End users require authorizations only for Spool: Device Authorizations for the printers that they are to use. Optionally, you can give end users the System Authorizations authorization to access spool requests other than their own in the output controller. Furthermore, with Spool: Actions, you can authorize them to access spool requests that are protected with an authorization string.