Generating Authorization Profiles Automatically With the Profile Generator

You can use the SAP Profile Generator to generate authorization profiles automatically.

To generate an Authorization Profile automatically, you first need to create an activity group.

Once you have an activity group, you can generate authorizations automatically. The fields of these authorizations are predominantly supplied with SAP default values. You can then review and change these values, as well as filling in any empty fields. Finally, you can generate an authorization profile automatically using the Profile Generator.

Authorization profiles can be assigned to individual users.

Further details on this are contained in the following sections:

Creating an Activity Group

Creating and Altering Authorizations

Generating Authorizations

Flagging an Authorization for Later Generation

Regenerating Authorization Profiles Following Changes

Displaying the Authorization Profile Overview

Checking Activity Groups for Existing Authorization Profiles


For details of how to assign profiles to users, see Assigning Authorization Profiles.

The Infosystem provides you with additional information on profile lists according to complex search criteria. See Using the Infosystem.