Copying Authorizations From SAP Templates

You will notice that the generated profile does not assign any general rights to the user, such as those required for printing. These authorizations are so general that it is not worth including them in each individual transaction.

Instead, you can do either of the following:

  1. Create an activity group which only contains general authorizations (such as printing). Then assign this activity group to all users. This is the best thing to do if all users are to be allowed to print from any printer, for example.
  2. Generate an authorization profile and assign it to the user.

  3. Use a template to import the required objects into the activity group and then maintain the missing field contents. This is best, for example, when each user to whom the activity group is assigned may only use certain printers.

From the Change Activity Group: Authorizations screen, choose Edit ® Insert ® From template. Choose the SAP_PRINT template. Authorization data is now included in the authorization profile, but you still need to fill in missing details such as which printers are to be used.

If you want to create your own templates, choose the Edit templates option in Transaction SU24. You can then either create your own templates or make copies of SAP templates and change these. Unlike changes to defaults, changes to templates are not passed on when you execute a comparison.

In order to edit templates in Transaction SU24 you need the User Master Maintenance and User Group (S_USER_GRP) authorizations, with value * in the CLASS and ACTVT fields.

The names of SAP templates begin with S . If you create any templates yourself, they should not begin with S .

Regenerate the authorization profile.