Maintaining Composite Profiles

To create or maintain a composite profile, choose Tools ® Administration, User maintenance ® Profiles, Profile ® Create and then flag Composite profile.

In activity group maintenance, proceed as follows:

  1. Generate a work area (profile list) by choosing Generate work area, or enter the name of the composite profile that you want to create or maintain.
    The system displays a list of profiles. This list is empty when you create a composite profile.
  2. Choose Create, Change, Delete or Copy.
    If you choose Create, you should then choose the profile type Composite profile in the dialog box.
  3. From the list of profiles, choose the name of the single or composite profile that is to be included in the composite profile using Add profile. You can list a virtually unlimited number of profiles in a composite profile.
    When creating composite profiles, you can enter profiles that have not yet been created or activated. However, you must create and activate the missing profile(s) before you can activate a composite profile.