Tracing Authorizations with the System Trace

To start tracing authorizations, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Tools ® Administration, Monitor ® Traces ® System trace.
  2. On the system trace initial screen, choose Trace switch ® Switch, edit.
  3. In the trace switches screen, flag Authorization check and select the value Trace: Write to disk in the Write options field.
  4. You can restrict the trace to your own sessions by entering your name in the General filters field. Choose the arrow next to the field and enter your user ID in the User field in the dialog box.

  5. Activate the trace by choosing Trace switch ® Editor save in ® In active system. You can now trace authorization checks in any of your own sessions.
  6. When you have finished the analysis, stop the trace by choosing Trace switch ® Immediate switch ® Stop.
  7. To display the results of the trace, choose Trace files ® List of traces. Position the cursor on the file that you want to display and choose Display file.

The system displays the authorization tests entries in the format <Authorization object>:<Field>=<Value tested>.

You can display a formatted view of an authorization check by clicking on an entry. (You may need to scroll down in the display to reach the formatted view of the entry.)

If no authorization entries exist or the system displays the message Authorization entries skipped, check that you have set the trace switches correctly. If the switches are correct, then choose Trace files ® Standard options and ensure that Trace for authorization checks is selected.

You can also restrict the display to trace records from your own sessions. To do this, enter your user ID in the User field in the options display.