Business Background (PP-PI)

In the R/3 application component Production Planning for Process Industries (PP-PI), you can create and archive order records.

The order record contains all quality-relevant planned and actual data collected around the process order. In the R/3 System, you create order records as print lists. Using SAP ArchiveLink, you export these print lists to an optical archive where they cannot be forged.

You can specify that order records must always be created for particular order types. The objects transferred in the order record can then only be deleted from the R/3 System after the order record has been archived.

You can display archived data in the R/3 System any time.

Order Record and Batch Record

The data scope of the order record is identical to the R/3 data of the batch record (see Structure and Contents of a Batch Record (PP-PI)). However, order record processing differs from that of the batch record in the following ways:

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