Process: Order Record Archiving (PP-PI)

Implementation Considerations

This process describes a typical scenario for order record archiving.


  1. A process order was carried out in your plant. An order record must be created for this process order because this has been specified in the order type.
  2. You simulate the order record based on the data currently existing in the system and check whether the data is complete.
  3. If it is not, you make sure that missing data is added, for example by sending all process messages to their respective destinations.

  4. If it has not been done yet, shop floor control and quality assurance must now set the following statuses for you to be able to archive the order record:
  5. – Order status Technically completed

    – Inspection lot status Inspection close completed and Usage decision has been made

  6. When the simulation lists are complete and the status requirements met, you archive the record.


The record is exported asynchronously to an optical archive. If the status Order record required is set in the process order, this status is reset as soon as the export is completed. This means that the process order as well as the corresponding inspection lots, PI sheets, and process messages can be deleted.