Simulating Order Records (PP-PI)


Only one incoming inspection lot has been created for the process order for which you want to create the order record.

Unlike order record archiving, process order and inspection lot processing must not have been completed when you simulate the order record. That is, the order status Technically completed and the inspection lot statuses Inspection close completed and Usage decision has been made must not have been set.


  1. On the R/3 main menu, choose Logistics ® Production - process ® Process order, and then Tools ® Process data doc. ® Order record ® Simulate.
  2. Enter criteria for selecting orders, and select the list type you want to display.
  3. Choose Program ® Execute.
  4. The system displays an overview of all process orders that match your selection criteria.

  5. To display the print lists to be archived for an order, position the cursor on the order, and choose Edit ® <List type>.
  6. The system simulates the lists based on the current data, that is the print lists are displayed but not saved.

    You can only display the list types you have selected on the initial screen.

  7. If you want to print the list, choose <List type> ® Print.

The list is printed on the printer defined in your user defaults.