Archiving Order Records (PP-PI)


When you close an order, the system does not check whether all process messages for the order have been sent successfully. To make sure that all messages are transferred to the order record, check the message log in the message monitor first.


  1. On the R/3 main menu, choose Logistics ® Production - process ® Process order and then Tools ® Process data doc. ® Order record ® Archive.
  2. Enter criteria for selecting orders and choose Program ® Execute.
  3. The system displays a list of all process orders that match your selection criteria and meet the requirements for archiving.

  4. If you want to display the print lists for an order before archiving, select the order and choose Edit ® <List type>.
  5. If you want to print the displayed list, choose <List type> ® Print.
  6. The list is printed on the printer defined in your user defaults.

  7. Choose Back to return to the overview of process orders,.
  8. To archive an order record, select the process order in the overview and choose Archive.


The system creates all print lists for the order and exports them asynchronously to the optical archive.

The system sets the following statuses:

The objects belonging to the order are locked and can no longer be changed.