Regenerating Order Records After Archiving (PP-PI)


The process order and its inspection lots, PI sheets, and process messages have not yet been deleted in the R/3 System.


  1. On the R/3 main menu, choose Logistics ® Production - process ® Process order and then Tools ® Process data doc. ® Order record ® Archive.
  2. Enter criteria for selecting orders and select Display archived order records.
  3. Choose Program ® Execute.
  4. The system displays a list of all archived orders that match your selection criteria.

  5. Select the order for which you want to generate the order record and choose Edit ® <List type>.
  6. The system generates the print list on the basis of the data available in the R/3 System. As this data cannot be changed after it has been archived, the regenerated list is identical to the list stored in the archive.

  7. If you want to print the list displayed, choose <List type> ® Print.

The list is printed on the printer defined in your user defaults.