Process Messages

Process messages contain actual data that is recorder during the execution of a process order and sent to predefined destinations.

Process messages are user-defined. You request a process message from process control by including a corresponding process instruction into the process order. You specify the contents and destinations of your process messages when defining the message categories in Customizing for Process Management.

Process messages are taken into account when a batch record is created, provided that they meet the following requirements:

The R/3 System contains several standard messages (name range PI_*) that have all been predefined for transfer into the batch record. The following table compares some of the standard message categories to the requirements on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) you can meet by using them.

Examples for Record Data from Process Messages

Data required according to GMP

Message category

Name, quantity, and batch of the ingredients


Start, duration, and finish of the production and the dates of significant intermediate stages


Name, quantity. and batch of product


Explanation of significant deviations

PI_COMM (long text/comment)
PI_PHST (confirmation short text)


The following message categories are transferred to the batch record:

When you close a process order, the system does not check whether all process messages for the order have been sent. To make sure that all messages are transferred to the batch record, you must check the message status in the monitor before setting the process order to technically complete.

See also:

R/3 Library PP-PI - Production Planning for Process Industries, section Process Management.