Approving Batch Records (PP-PI)


The batch record has been archived.


  1. As required, choose
  2. – On the initial screen for batch maintenance Environment ® Batch record ® Approve

    – On the application menu for process orders Tools ® Process data doc. ® Batch record ® Approve

  3. Enter the criteria for batch selection and choose Program ® Execute.
  4. Position the cursor on the batch you want to process and choose Approve batch record.
  5. The header record of the batch record appears.

  6. To check the batch record before approving it, choose Archive ® Display from archive.
  7. The batch record is displayed.

  8. Choose Document ® Exit.
  9. The system takes you back to the header record of the batch record.

  10. In the Document status field, set status Approved.
  11. The dialog box for the digital signature appears.

  12. Insert your chip card into the card reader and enter the signatory name and password in the dialog box.
  13. The signatory name is identical to your user name. The system proposes the name of the user logged on to the system.

  14. In the dialog box, choose Continue or Create comment.
  15. The system checks whether your entries match the data on the chip card. Depending on the results of this check, processing is continued as follows:

    – If you forgot to insert your card in the card reader or your entries do not match the chip card data, the system takes you back to the dialog box where you can execute the signature again (step 6).
    The function is canceled after the third unsuccessful attempt.

    – If the signature was correct, the text editor (step 9) appears.

  16. Enter your comment and go back to the header record of the batch record by choosing Back.
  17. Save the header record.


The batch record is now approved.