Displaying Batch Records (PP-PI)

You can display batch records at the following locations in the system:


The batch record has been archived.

Displaying Batch Records in Process Data Documentation

  1. As required, choose
  2. – On the initial screen for batch maintenance Environment ® Batch record ® Display header record

    – On the application menu for process orders Tools ® Process data doc. ® Batch record ® Display header record

  3. Enter the criteria for batch selection and choose Program ® Execute.
  4. The system displays a list of batches that match your selection criteria.

  5. Position the cursor on the batch you want to process and choose Edit ® Display document.
  6. Choose Archive ® Display from archive.

The batch record is displayed.

Displaying Batch Records Within the Batch Master Records

In the batch master record, choose Environment ® Batch record ® Display.

Displaying Batch Records During Usage Decision

When processing or displaying the usage decision, choose Extras ® Batches ® Batch record ® Display.