Data and Functions from SAP Applications

A quality certificate can be created for a delivery item automatically. In order for this to occur, the following objects must be available:

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If a certificate is to contain characteristics, you can use the following data:

The system can transfer inspection results for inspection lots or partial lots to the batches in order to classify the batches. As a result, inspection results will be available for the batch determination in the SD module. The characteristic values for the batches can be used to create quality certificates.

To transfer the inspection results to the batch, you need a material specification. Material specifications provide the material-specific link between master inspection characteristics and general characteristics. You can also use the material specification in place of an inspection plan.

The specification data (for example, tolerances) can originate either from the QM module or be retrieved from the selection criteria, once a batch has been found in the SD module.

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You can set up the system so that the certificates will automatically be stored in the optical archive after they have been printed.

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