Condition Technique

The condition technique is used for the following purposes:

Profile Assignment and Profile Determination

I n profile assignment, you assign a certificate profile to a material, material group, or combination of material and customer. In addition to these three key combinations, you can also define other objects to which profiles can be assigned. The assignment records have a validity period.

When you create a certificate, the system searches for a certificate profile. In the process, the system accesses the assignments (condition records) using the document data (ship-to party, delivered material, etc.). In the standard system, the sequence for accessing the condition records is such that the system searches progressively from specific to general entries, until it finds an appropriate data record.

Certificate Recipients and Output Determination

The output control for quality certificates involves the following activities:

A certificate recipient is identified by an output condition record for the delivery. In the standard system, two output types are supported in the Customizing application:

Each output type has an access sequence assigned to it. The entries in the access sequence determine the possible key combinations for which you can store the recipient data (for example, sales organization/customer number). For each entry, you must specify the following data:

In the Customizing application, conditions in the procedure define when the system can search for the output "Quality certificate" automatically. The following times are defined in the SAP standard system:

The user can enter the output in the delivery item manually at any time he desires.

See also:

Refer to the document Sales and Distribution for detailed information on condition techniques.