Features of Quality Certificates

Using the function for quality certificates, you can:

· Automatically generate quality certificates when materials are shipped

· Distribute certificates to a predefined list of recipients

· Print certificates or transmit them by fax

· Create certificates in the language of each recipient

· Simulate certificates on the screen and generate sample printouts

· Archive the certificates

· Define the format, layout, and contents of certificates to meet internal or customer specifications

The layout, format and contents of certificates are defined through the interaction of the certificate profiles and SAPscript® layout sets. The profile controls the selection of the inspection lot and the characteristics. The layout set controls the page layout and format of the data in the certificate. A generically defined layout set can be linked to several certificate profiles.

Within the certificate profile, you determine the selection and sequence of the characteristics whose results are to be documented in the certificate. You can vary the origin and representation of the data for each characteristic. You can also withhold certain information from the certificate (for example, if you do not want to reveal a certain measured value).

At the header level in the certificate profile, you can define restrictions for selecting the inspection lots and partial lots. For example, you may only want to consider lots with a quality score of at least 80. When the certificates are created, the system selects all inspection lots and partial lots for the material (and batch, if applicable) that meet the selection criteria and that have a usage decision. The characteristics are then retrieved from the most recent inspection lot or partial lot in this list (the lot creation date is the determining factor).

You assign objects such as materials, material groups, or material/customer combinations to the certificate profiles. By doing so, you can plan certificates individually for specific customers. At the same time, you can define generic certificate profiles that you can use if you have not defined a special certificate profile for the customer.

The assignment of a profile to an object has a validity period . However, the profile itself does not have a validity period. With the help of the assignment, the system can find the proper certificate profile. The assignment and determination of a certificate is processed with the help of the condition technique .