Certificate Planning

Layout and Content

You define the layout and the format of each element in the certificate by creating layout sets and profiles. Certificate elements include headers, footers, order item and date, delivery item and date, material number, address, and inspection results.

You can use a standard SAPscript® layout set as a copy model to define the page layout and page contents of a quality certificate. The SAP sample layout set uses standard texts that, in part, also contain program logic. Both the layout set and the standard texts are language-dependent and client-dependent.

You can use a layout set in more than one certificate profile, depending on your requirements and those of your customers.

Certificate profiles control both the selection of the inspection lot, as well as the selection and sequence of the characteristics that will be documented in the certificate.

Working with Certificate Profiles

1. Create a layout set, if necessary.

2. Create a certificate profile.

3. Release the profile.

4. Assign the profile to a material, material group, or combination of material and customer.

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