Creating a Layout Set

The standard R/3 System contains the sample layout set QM_QCERT_01. You can link this layout set to a certificate profile or use it as a copy model to create other layout sets that meet your specific requirements or those of your customers. For this purpose, you can copy the sample layout set into your own client under another name by selecting Utilities ® Copy from client.

Since the sample layout set uses several standard texts that in part contain program logic, you must also copy the four standard texts QM_QCERT* from client 000 in the standard R/3 System to your own client. To do so, select Utilities ® Copy from client from the Standard Text: Request screen.

To maintain a layout set, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Quality Certificates screen, select Certificate profile ® Process layout set.
  2. The system displays the Layout Set: Request screen.

  3. Enter a name and language for the layout set. You can maintain the following object components for a layout set:
  4. – Header

    – Paragraph

    – Character strings

    – Pages


    – Page windows

    See also:

    Text Elements for Characteristics in a Layout Set

  5. To select a component, choose the radio button for the component and then select Create/Change or Display.
  6. The system accesses the appropriate change or display screen.

  7. To maintain standard texts that are output on certificate profiles, select Environment ® Standard text from the menu bar.

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Standard Texts in a Layout Set

The SAPscript® function is very comprehensive. To obtain detailed information on how to maintain layout sets, refer to the documentation for SAPscript®.