Text Elements for Characteristics in a Layout Set

Text elements are used for all object components in a layout set. They are addressed by the print program during printing. If the layout sets are to be compatible with the print program, you cannot select just any names for the text elements.

This topic discusses only those text elements that must be defined for characteristics in the main window.

Text elements for characteristics have the name CHAR_xxxx. They describe which data is to be output for a characteristic (generally within a line).

In the certificate profile, you must assign a text element to a characteristic (for example, 0001). The system appends this element to the "CHAR" string (for example, "CHAR_0001") and it expects a text element with this name when the layout set is processed.

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The model layout set QM_QCERT_01 contains six text elements:

Text element



Value and two tolerance limits


Code short text


Value and lower tolerance


Value and upper tolerance


Accepted or rejected


Text valuation for general characteristic


These six text elements are examples. You can create and maintain text elements for your own layout sets.

To maintain the text elements for characteristics, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Layout Set: Request screen, choose the radio button for Windows or Page windows and then select Layout set ® Create/Change.
  2. In the list of windows, position the cursor in the line MAIN and then select Edit ® Text elements.
  3. Select Edit ® Find to enter the search term "CHAR" and to position the cursor on the lines that contain that string.
  4. Change these lines as necessary. The comment lines in the layout set describe which structures are available.