Profile Header

The header contains a variety of general data for the certificate. This data is independent of the characteristics.

You assign a layout set that is used to generate the physical certificate. The layout set determines the actual format, page layout, and some of the contents of the certificate.

See also:

Creating a Layout Set

A certificate profile can have various statuses (for example, created, released, blocked). In addition to the system status, you can also maintain user statuses (controlled by the certificate type).

See also:

Status Management

You can record a short and a long text description for the certificate profile.

You can specify which inspection lots or partial lots the system will consider when it creates a certificate. When a certificate is created, the system selects all inspection lots and partial lots for the material (and batch, if applicable) that meet the criteria and for which usage decisions have been made. The characteristics are taken from the most recent inspection lot or partial lot contained in this list (the date of the lot creation is the determining factor). It is currently not possible to select an inspection lot online when a certificate is created.

Through the implementation of user exits, it is possible to have additional lot selection criteria.

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Creating a Certificate Profile