Specifying the Characteristic

To access the characteristics overview screen, choose Characteristics on the header screen of the certificate profile.

You have several options for specifying the characteristics:

· Specifying characteristics on the characteristic overview screen

You can enter all characteristic data on the characteristic overview screen.

· Copying characteristics from a task list

You can copy characteristics from a task list into the certificate profile as follows:

1. Choose Extras ® Characs. from task list.

The system displays a dialog box for selecting a task list.

2. Enter the desired selection criteria (if your selection criteria for selecting a task list is not explicit enough, the system displays an additional dialog box for selecting a task list).

The system displays a dialog box containing a list of characteristics for the task list, which reference master inspection characteristics.

3. Select the desired characteristics.

The characteristics are copied into the certificate profile with the default values.

· Specifying characteristics on the detail screen

1. On the characteristic overview screen, enter the sequence number and the category of the characteristic, and then choose ENTER .

Depending on the characteristic category, the system displays the appropriate selection window, as shown in the following table:


The system displays the window for ....

Then you enter values for ...


selecting master inspection characteristics

master inspection characteristic


selecting general characteristics



For a master inspection characteristic, you can leave the Version field blank. In this case, the system selects the used or valid version when the certificate is created. If the results are to be output for a specific master inspection characteristic version only, then you must enter a version.

2. After you have entered the required data, select Detail to access the characteristic detail screen.

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