Assigning a Certificate Profile

A certificate profile is assigned to one or more objects for a specific time period. You determine the level at which the assignment is made. For example, you can select the following key combinations:

In addition, you can define other key combinations in the Customizing application to which certificate profiles can be assigned.

The certificate must be released before it can be assigned.

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Releasing a Certificate Profile

To assign a profile, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Quality Certificates screen, select Certificate profile ® Assignment ® Create.
  2. The system displays a window entitled Selection of Key Combination. In the background screen you see that the default assignment type (condition type) is QCA1.

  3. Choose one of the three options and then select Continue.
  4. The system displays the fast entry screen for making multiple assignments.

  5. Check the proposal for the validity period. It applies to all records that you enter here. You can change this validity period for each record by selecting Edit ® Change validity.
  6. For each assignment, enter the name of the object (material, material group, or material and customer). Then enter the certificate profile, certificate type, and version.
  7. To display a list of available certificate profiles, move the cursor to the Version column and select the possible entries help. When you select a profile from this list, the system copies the entire identifier of the profile to the fast entry screen.

  8. Save the assignments.

Make sure any existing assignment records are not displayed when you use the function to create a certificate profile assignment. As a result of the new assignment, the validity period of an existing assignment may be changed or overwritten in certain cases.

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