Changing an Assignment to a Certificate Profile

To change an assignment, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Quality Certificates screen, select Certificate profile ® Assignment ® Change.
  2. The system displays a window with the key combinations. In the background screen you see that the default assignment type (condition type) is QCA1.

  3. Choose one of the three options and then select Continue.
  4. The system displays the screen for entering selection criteria. The selection criteria depend on the key combination you selected.

  5. Enter a key date (proposal: current date) and the selection criteria, if any. Then select Execute.
  6. The system displays a list of all assignments that meet your selection criteria for the specified key date. The object data, such as material number, is shown along with the profile name, certificate type, and version.

  7. For example, you can make the following changes:
  8. – Assign another certificate profile.

    If you replace an existing profile with another profile, the validity period will not be newly set. The old profile will be replaced by the new profile, but the validity period will remain the same if you do not change it.

    – Change the validity period of the assignment using the function Change validity.

    Example: Certificate Profile and Validity Period of Assignments

    – Delete the certificate profile assignment

  9. Save the changes that you made to the assignments.

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