Displaying Profile Assignments to an Object

A profile can be assigned to different key combinations such as materials, material groups, or combinations of material/customer. There are two ways you can display certificate assignments. The following procedure describes how to display assignments for a specific object (key combinations) using the functions for maintaining and displaying certificate profiles or the functions for maintaining and displaying assignments.

You can also display all assignments, regardless of the object to which the profile is assigned. This list does not contain the same information as the one that is displayed when you select an object.

See : Displaying All Profile Assignments

To display profile assignments to a single object, proceed as follows:

1. From the Quality Certificates screen, select Certificate profile ® Assignment ® Display. If you are using the functions for maintaining and displaying profiles, select Environment ® Display assignments from the header screen or from the characteristic screen menu.

The system displays a window with the key combinations. In the background screen you see that the default assignment type (condition type) is QCA1.

2. Choose one of the three options and then select Continue.

The system displays the screen for entering selection criteria. The selection criteria depend on the option you selected.

3. Enter the selection criteria (if any), check the proposed key date and then select Execute.

The system displays a list of all assignments that meet your selection criteria. The object data, such as the material number, is shown along with the profile name, certificate type, and version.

4. To display the profile, choose the line and then select Certificate profile.