Displaying All Profile Assignments

A profile can be assigned to different key combinations such as materials, material groups, or combinations of material/customer. You can display the assignments for all objects or a selection of objects using the functions for maintaining and displaying profiles or the functions for maintaining and displaying assignments.

You can display the assignments to a specific object. This list does not contain the same information as the one that is displayed when you display all profile assignments.

See: Displaying Profile Assignments to an Object

To display all profile assignments, proceed as follows:

1. From the Quality Certificates screen, select Certificate profile ® Assignment ® Display. If you are using the functions for maintaining or displaying profiles, select Environment ® Display assignments from the header screen or from the characteristic screen menu.

The system displays a window with the key combinations. In the background screen you see that the default assignment type (condition type) is QCA1.

2. Close the selection window for objects by selecting Cancel.

The system closes the window and you remain on the initial screen for displaying certificate profile assignments.

3. To access the selection screen, select Environment ® Overview.

4. Enter the selection criteria for the material, customer, material group, and key date or leave the fields blank. Then select Program ® Execute.

The system displays all assignments that meet your selection criteria. The assignments are grouped by material and customer, material, and material group. The validity period for each assignment and the assigned certificate profile with certificate type and version are also displayed.

You can display an overview of all valid records (for example, for a material), if you do not specify a date in the overview on the selection screen.

You can print this list or save it in a file.

5. To call up the certificate profile, position the cursor on the desired assignment line and select Edit ® Choose.

You can also access the selection screen as follows: in step 1, after you choose a key combination, select Continue. Then press the Condition info button on the selection screen.

To access the selection screen directly (see Step 3), select Certificate profile ® Change or Display from the Quality Certificates screen. Then select Extras ® Searching.