Using Additional Functions

In the transactions for maintaining and displaying the certificate profile, additional functions are available for use. You can access these functions on the header data screen or the characteristic data screen.

Certificate Preview

You can simulate the creation of a certificate using an existing delivery and actual data from a material, a batch, an inspection lot, as well as the characteristic data from an inspection or from the batches. For the simulation, you can either create a test printout or display the output on your monitor.

To access this function, select Extras ® Certificate view on the header screen. If not all data can be found, the system documents this in a log. You can view the most recent log by selecting Extras ® Last log. If the log contains only one message, it is displayed directly as a system message.

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Profile Assignment

Before you can use a certificate profile, it must be assigned to an object, such as a material, material group, or a combination of material/customer. From the maintenance and display transactions for a certificate profile, you can display the valid assignments.

To access this function, select Environment ® Display assignments.

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Administrative Data

You can display the administrative data for a certificate profile. This data includes the name of the user who created or changed the certificate and the date the certificate was created or changed.

To access the administrative data, select Extras ® Administr. data.

Profile Versions

You can display a list of all of the versions of a certificate profile. This list contains the version number and the date on which the version was created.

To access the list of versions, select Extras ® Versions.

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Layout Sets

You can display the layout set that is assigned to the profile. When you select this function, the system displays the header screen of the layout set. To call up the layout set, select Environment ® Layout set ® Display.

You can assign a new layout set to the profile by selecting the function to change a profile.

1. Select Environment ® Layout set ® Find from either the header data screen or the characteristics data screen..

2. In a dialog box, you can restrict the selection of layout sets by specifying a generic string (for example, QM_QCERT* ) and a language. To search for layout sets in all languages, enter an * in the language field. Then select Find layout set.

3. To assign a specific layout set, choose a line and then select Choose.

The system copies the name of the layout set to the header data screen.

4. Save the change to the profile.

Language of the Layout Set

You can display the languages in which the layout set is available. In a window, the system displays one line for each available language. In addition to the available languages, each line contains the description of the profile and the language in which the layout set was created (original language).

To display the languages, select Environment ® Layout set ® Languages.

Text Elements of the Layout Set

You can display all the text elements that are used in the layout set. For each text element, the system displays the following information:

· The name of the window in which the element is used

· The number of lines used by the text element.

The system also displays the text elements that do not have a name (that is, those that were not explicitly defined in the layout set).

To call up the text elements, select Environment ® Layout set ® Text elements.

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Layout Set Variables

You can get a list of all text variables used in the layout set. The variables serve as placeholders that are replaced with text when the certificate is created and the corresponding data is found.

To call up the list, select Environment ® Layout set ® Variables.

Change Documents

The system records the changes made to released certificate profiles in change documents.

To display a list of the change documents, choose Extras ® Change documents.

By selecting a change document and choosing Choose, you can display the changes that were made to the certificate profile.