Certificate Recipients

The recipient of a certificate can be any person or address that has a function in the delivery item (for example, customer, vendor, or contact person). The functions that are supported in the output (certificate) are defined in the Customizing application. When you define a recipient you determine:

Each recipient you define is a condition record for the output determination.

You can use these records when you create or change a delivery to automatically find the corresponding output. During the output processing sequence, the certificate can be printed automatically or semi-automatically for the delivery item. The system will search for the appropriate certificate profile only after the processing of the output is triggered.

In the Customizing application, you define the partner function for the recipient (for example, ship-to party or the sold-to party). You must define the partner function for each output type. Two output types have been defined for certificates.

Output type

Partner function


ship-to party


certificate recipient at ship-to party


sold-to party


certificate recipient at sold-to party


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