Creating Certificate Recipients

Each recipient you create is actually a condition record that is used by the output determination (by means of a condition technique), to determine whether a certificate should be created. If a recipient record is found, this means that the output "certificate" should be created for this recipient. There is no validity period associated with a recipient.

To create a certificate recipient, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Quality Certificates screen, select Cert. recipient ® Create.
  2. The system branches to the screen for creating output condition records for shipping.

  3. Enter an output type (either LQCA or LQCB ) and then select Edit ® Key combination.
  4. In the dialog box, select one of the key combinations (for example, Sales Organization/Customer Number or Sales organization/Distrib.Ch/Division/Customer).
  5. The system displays the screen for entering the certificate recipients.

    The key combinations that appear in the dialog box are defined in the Customizing application. The two combinations referred to here are examples only.

  6. On this screen, enter the required data (for example, a sales organization and a single customer or a range of customers). You can also leave the optional fields (for example, customer numbers) blank.
  7. Select Execute.

  8. On the fast entry screen, you can enter the customers for which a certificate should be created. If you only enter the key data (for example, customer number), the system will propose certain data after you select Enter.
  9. The default values for the following data originate from the condition type:

    – the output device for the certificate (printer or telefax)

    – the time when the certificate is to be created

    – the language in which the certificate is to be created

    You can change this data for the certificate recipient, to specifically tailor the output determination to the certificates.

    If you do not specify a language, the system automatically uses the language in the master record (for example, customer).

    If a record with the same key (for example, sales organization / distribution channel / customer) already exists, the system notifies you of this.

  10. To call up detailed information about the output device, choose the customer line and then select Communication. The maintenance of this data is optional.
  11. The data you can maintain depends on the output device you selected for the recipient. For example, if the certificate is to be printed, specify an output device (printer) and the number of copies. If you do not enter this data, the system will find the printer according to the procedure defined in the Customizing application. For the output types LQCA and LQCB set up in the SAP clients, for example, the printer determination is set up via the shipping point.

    If the output medium is a fax, you can specify whether the fax should be transmitted immediately or overnight.

  12. Save the data for the certificate recipients.

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