Controlling the Dispatch Time

You can specify the time when a certificate should be created. Within the scope of processing a delivery, this is the point in time when the output "certificate" is processed. At this point, the output for the delivery item must have already been found or entered manually. You must specify the dispatch time for each certificate recipient. A default value is defined in the Customizing application under the output type.

If you want to create a large number of certificates, you should not create them directly in conjunction with the delivery posting (time option 4). Instead, you should create the certificates by using a separate transaction (time option 3; you can call up the transaction by selecting Certificate creation ® For delivery on the Quality Certificates screen) or, if necessary, by using a report that can also be run in the background (time options 1 and 2). Report RSNAST00 is available in the standard system for time options 1 and 2.

The output occurs... a result of:

Set time option to ...

with next selection run

a (background) report


at a specified time

a (background) report


upon request only

a separate transaction


immediately after saving

saving the delivery



With the help of the dispatch time, you also determine whether the certificate will be output automatically. For example, the above-referenced time options have the following effects:

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