Certificate Generation

You can create a certificate for a delivery item (among other objects). The graphic below depicts the certificate creation process. In this process,:

If the system creates the certificate successfully, it can automatically archive the certificate after it is printed out. You can retrieve the certificate for display at a later time. This is not possible if the certificate was faxed.

You can display the status of the certificate by using the functions for the delivery in the SD module. In the output for the delivery item, you can also display the processing log.

Normally, a certificate is generated automatically when the material is shipped to the customer or at another point in time that has been defined for the recipient. In addition, there are other possibilities for generating a certificate. For example, you can also create a certificate for an inspection lot or a batch.

Before you generate a "real" certificate, you may want to preview the output. You can do this by simulating the creation of a certificate.

You may want to recreate a certificate if, for example, one has been lost during shipment or if the initial attempt to create the certificate was successful.

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