Simulating the Generation of a Certificate

You can trigger the simulation of a certificate from a certificate profile. When you simulate the generation of a certificate, the system uses actual data - that is, you need a material master record (if necessary, a batch or an inspection lot with characteristics) and a delivery item for the material (and batch, if necessary). Since the system does not check the status of the certificate profile during the simulation, you can use a certificate that has been created, but not released. You can also use a certificate that is currently blocked.

To simulate the creation of a certificate, proceed as follows:

1. Call up a certificate profile using the Create, Change, or Display function. For example, from the Quality Certificates screen, select Certificate profile ® Change.

The system displays the initial screen.

2. Enter the name of the certificate profile and select Header data.

3. From the header screen menu, select Extras ® Certificate view.

The system displays a dialog box.

4. Enter the language key, delivery and item number. Before you start the simulation you may want to check the delivery. To display the delivery, select Delivery.

5. To simulate the generation of the certificate, select Certific. view.

The system retrieves the data it needs and then displays the dialog box with the print parameters.

6. Confirm the data for the output device, number of copies, and output options.

7. To view the certificate online, select Print preview. To print the certificate, select Print.

The certificate is labeled as a test printout, so it will not be mistaken for a valid certificate.