Dispatching a Certificate Manually

You can trigger the dispatch of a certificate for a delivery item manually. If necessary, you can create the same certificate several times (for example, if the customer needs additional copies). You must also generate a certificate manually if the timing option for the recipient is set to "3" (print only on request).

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To trigger the dispatch of a certificate for a delivery item manually, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Quality Certificates screen, select Certificate creation ® Certificate dispatch.
  2. The system displays the selection screen Output from Deliveries.

    There are 2 sections on this screen. In the first section, you can specify output data such as the output type (LQCA and LQCB) and medium (print and fax).

    You can specify whether you want to output a certificate repeatedly. Outputs that have already been generated successfully can be reprocessed. You can also try to regenerate a certificate that could not be created successfully before.

    In the second section, you limit the selection of the output records on the basis of the delivery data (that is, the delivery number, delivery date, shipping point, route and ship-to party).

  3. To start the selection process, select Program ® Execute.
  4. If the system was able to find at least one output that meets the selection criteria, the system displays a list of the corresponding delivery items. This list contains the delivery and item numbers, output type, transmission medium, partner function, and customer data.

  5. In this list, you can display the output parameters by choosing the delivery item and then selecting Goto ® Parameters.
  6. The system displays the output parameters (for example, printer parameters) defined for the certificate recipient. You can change these parameters, if necessary.

  7. From this list you can see what the printed or faxed certificate will look like. Choose a delivery item and then select Goto ® Preview.
  8. If the system cannot find all of the data, it displays an appropriate message to this effect. If several messages are generated, they will be summarized in a dialog box.

  9. To start the certificate creation process, choose the desired entries and then select Edit ® Process.
  10. The system issues a message confirming that the certificate was generated successfully. If the system detected a problem, it issues an error or warning message.

  11. To display a log of the certificate generation process, select Goto ® Log.

The log is updated continuously as long as you remain in this transaction. For example, if you generate certificates for three different delivery items, there will be three entries in the log. The information in this log is not identical to the system messages that you can call up by selecting Goto ® Preview.

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